Season after season, runway shows dictate our latest décor obsessions. Many interior designers believe that good décor should feel timeless and that trends should be used with moderation, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t inclined to refresh spaces with accents that feel unmistakably new and now. In many ways, decorating a room should follow the same process as building a versatile wardrobe season after season—using the 80/20 rule: About 80% of your room should be composed of timeless pieces, while 20% can be used for fun, trendy accents.

So which trends from the latest Spring/Summer 2019 collections should you adopt in your space in 2019?

  • Pops of bright bold color (shocking pink, bright plum, lemon yellow & citron green)
  • Elegant and timeless clean line furniture silhouettes
  • Lavish textiles in satin complimenting multiple textures from drapery to pillows
  • Tie die and hippy feel good vibes
  • Patchwork and denim accessories accented in the ongoing blue trend
  • Leather accents with tufting, nail heads and studs
  • Polka dots
  • Mixing prints haphazardly
  • Military-inspired muted color palettes in rumpled textured natural fabrics of linen, cotton and wool

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design