The region’s top transportation board has endorsed a proposal for a network of trails stretching across the greater Washington region, from Frederick, MD, to Prince William County, VA. It would expand the amount of off-road bicycle and pedestrian pathways to 1,400 miles.

The extensive trail system would more than double the size of the existing network by adding 755 miles to the current 645 miles of trails, improving connectivity between neighborhoods and public transit, commercial districts and jobs, said officials with the Transportation Planning Board (TPB) of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.

The proposal would offer greater access to clean, inexpensive and reliable transportation to millions of area residents seeing options beyond vehicles and public transportation. Once the expansion is completed, more than 4 million people in the region will have access to trails within a half a mile of their home. Trails would also be within reach of more than 2.5M jobs and 136 of the region’s residential and business centers. The board envisions completion of the trail network within 25 years.


The Washington Post