Ali and Chip

John Eric is an excellent realtor. We worked with John and his team to purchase and sell several homes in Northern Virginia and are always thrilled with his market expertise and flawless execution. John’s attention to detail goes beyond a simple checklist. He takes ownership of the entire process, going above and beyond to help his clients find the perfect home and providing a seamless experience in the administration of documentation and inspections. We always felt like John’s most important clients, and he goes out of his way to provide white-glove service and a positive attitude. Additionally, we always felt that we could trust John and his team to keep the process moving, providing incredible peace of mind during what could potentially be a stressful and draining time. We enthusiastically recommend John to any buyer or seller in the DC market, regardless of budget. Thank you John, Trevor, Janis and the entire Compass team!

Kathie R.

John Eric was wonderful! John was very helpful communicating all the necessary steps to get our house sold so we could move forward with our move across the country. He did everything and more to get us to the finish line. I am beyond grateful for everything John and his team did for us. I highly recommend them.

Luke & Mary

John and his team define a professional Real Estate office. They are attentive, responsive and available and turned what can be a stressful life experience into a pleasurable exchange. John went out of his way to ensure that the needs of my family were being met, and always with professional grace. Listing or buying? I could not recommend John and his team more!”

Howard and Gloria

Be prepared to be wowed.  We weren’t prepared.  But, boy were we wowed.

In the run up to prepare for selling our house, we invited a couple of agents to present to us.  From our first encounter, John distinguished himself as a business professional with a business plan.  A strategic analysis, supported by a lineup of tactics to accomplish each objective, separated John from his peers.

John did his homework.  He came prepared with an analysis of the neighborhood, its features and demographics.  He shared his marketing plan.  Based on his ideas of the target price point, this house will likely appeal to a certain customer profile.  Large numbers of people are now flocking from Capitol Hill or Georgetown or other congested areas of the city, looking for more space for working remotely and enjoying an expansive private backyard yet not giving up proximity to the city.  A second source of prospects would logically be government and large public companies.  John’s team’s marketing plan had a development process for leveraging these known targets.  Regionally targeted advertising, mostly social, focuses on precise neighborhoods.  Good old fashioned networking has been most successful for well placed HR managers and recruiters.  Lifestyle and opportunity is their common language.

John’s profiling described prospective buyer types.   The house had to speak directly to them.  The kitchen needed cosmetic upgrades.  The paint and carpet needed cosmetic refreshes.  The staging all needed to complement what they see in the store showrooms.  And to accomplish all this, Compass Concierge provides the house refresh financing, due and payable interest free upon settlement.  Even better, the team of John Eric & Trevor Moore, take ownership of project management, driven expertly by Janis Hicks, overseeing contractor selection, workmanship quality and expeditious implementation.  Slam dunk.  I didn’t tell John that he had me at this point without yet having had the pricing discussion.

As to price, John produced his analysis of comparables.  John’s comparable review suggested a number significantly higher than the other realtors.  Yes, this raised a concern but it was supported by a well reasoned argument.  Supply and demand played strongly in his logic as did the emotional appeal of the house features.  Don’t envision the house as it is now.  Picture it as it will be.  The strength of his argument was bolstered by his methodical process.  John’s listing price, when brought to market, would be informed by multiple datapoints including his own evaluation, a formal pricing gaggle of high performing realtors in our market, plus John’s own contracted formal appraisal.

When I asked other realtors to explain their marketing plan for our house, I was universally met with, “once we list your home on MLS, I will be the best negotiator you have ever seen…”  John’s marketing, “The house won’t even make it to MLS.  Any true buyer making it to the bidding discussion will be competing on maximum price or I haven’t done my job of preparing them to bid.”

The result, 30 days from the day we gave the team of John Eric & Trevor Moore the go ahead, we settled on the sale.  The settlement was wonderfully uneventful.

We were wowed.

Bridget C.

I cannot stress enough what a pleasure it was to work with Trevor and the entire John Eric + Trevor Moore Team. This team is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. My condo sold within one day of listing and at list price. If you use Trevor as your listing agent, I guarantee a great sale. Smooth and rapid communication and explanations. Terrific advice and support from the first minute to the close date. Ease of mind regarding renovations and other repairs (not only did he plan and execute a kitchen renovation – which netted a much higher profit – he also oversaw other repairs from general wear and tear.) A calm, guiding hand in negotiations. Honestly, there is no better agent to have on your side than Trevor Moore. And Janis from the JE + TM Team was both extremely timely and friendly when helping with the transaction. Through the entire process, I felt incredibly positive and comfortable when working with this team

Bruce W.

John Eric has a proven strategy for selling your house quickly and for the greatest return. The superb John Eric + Trevor Moore team can seamlessly handle every aspect of your move (or as much as you need them to), from pre-planning the sale through to the final close. And with the Compass Concierge program, any owner can quickly present their home in the best possible light. So just shut up now and do what he says! You’ll be glad you did!

Melanie F.

We had the extreme pleasure of working with this team during the purchase of our first home this past spring. I began casually looking several years before and I never felt the slightest rush while working with this team. Once it became clear that our time was near, we picked up the pace and worked directly with Trevor. He made it EASY. Even before I completely knew the entire process or was ready to pull the trigger, Trevor went to every Open House with us to help narrow down our interests (even at the drop of a hat!). When touring these homes, we were lucky to utilize Trevor’s expertise in estimating contractor costs and always gave it to us straight. It was like walking around with your very experienced brother. He had our complete trust and we genuinely enjoyed working with him at every turn. We ended up putting a total of 4 offers down on different houses. For each and every offer Trevor was highly communicative, effectively educated us on any terminology that was foreign, and made the extra effort to give us advice and go to bat for us during negotiations. Currently it’s been 6 months since our closing and we still have open lines of communication! You don’t find that everywhere. His network of other professionals is expansive and we have already utilized 3 of the connections he helped us make. We can’t wait until after COVID when we can have an official house warming party to celebrate with Trevor! Thank you so much John Eric / Trevor Moore Team!

Rick K.

Trevor and his staff were amazing. I was completely overwhelmed by the prospect of moving. I had moved into my condo 18 years ago and had barely done anything to it, so I was very worried that I would be losing a lot of value when selling the house. All Trevor asked me to do was trust him, which I did. At times was more of a general contractor than a realtor, overseeing a kitchen renovation, 2 bathrooms and all new flooring basically “the works”. He aggressively quoted several different contractors, and I paid waaaay less than I was expecting for these upgrades. When it came time to sell my house, we listed it for about 5% higher than I expected (the renovations came out very well), yet it still sold the first weekend for OVER listing price. I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH how awesome Trevor and his team were. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Christy and Josh

We can not say enough great things about our experience with Trevor! He was recommended to us by a good friend and he did not disappoint. We were first time home buyers and had some other friends in the market and when we compared our realtor experience, Trevor clearly went above and beyond! He always made himself at all hours of the day/night. Every house we toured he would point out technical details that were very useful to know (ie. age/quality of windows, AC unit, heating, roof, etc.). It only took a couple of houses for Trevor to really grasp exactly what we wanted and he found our perfect house. Not only did he find it, his aggressive negotiation skills got us the house and we weren’t even the highest offer. In Northern Virginia market, that says A LOT! If you are looking for a fantastic realtor that really has your best interest at heart, don’t look any further! We couldn’t be happier in our new house and we wouldn’t be here without Trevor!

Tom and Bill

We recently made a quick decision to buy a home in Florida, but that meant selling our townhouse in Arlington, VA quickly.  I knew of John and Trevor through other sales in our community, so decided to give them a call.  They came right out, and took over from (in a good way) the start.  Everything was explained in simple terms for us to understand.  John and Trevor brought in a stager (Claudia) a delightful lady and they turned our townhouse into a magazine model.  Each morning when I woke up, I did not know where I was, but the house SOLD in 2.5 days.Lots of papers to sign, and lots to do, but with their guidance it was done in a calming easy way.  Then we were turned over to Janis, whom I believe is John’s assistant in their real estate office.  Again, what a pleasure to work with her.  She would email us things to read, ask questions about, and to sign.  Every document Janis would send us was easy to understand and we were told to ask any questions, and then once we completely understood what we were signing, we would sign and send right back to her.I can not stress enough how hard it is to sell your home of 20 years, the emotions ran high, but this team made the transition smooth and easy.  The emotions were still there, but they helped us through that time.


John, Trevor and Janis are professional, friendly, helpful and very energetic.  I highly recommend them.  I bought a condo a few years ago where John was the selling agent.  I was so impressed with John and his team that I recently had them sell a property for me.  They made a complex sale easy for me.  They ensured a top dollar valuation of the property by advertising it aggressively as well as helping with some last minute repairs.  Truly, they helped across the full spectrum of what a top tier real estate team should do to help their client.  I trust them implicitly.  John and the team are experts in the DC area – a true pleasure to work with too!

Claire and Tommy

Trevor went above and beyond helping us buy our first home! Before we met with him, my husband and I had been looking for a home for over a year and a half with no luck and we were really overwhelmed by the daunting process of home buying. That is when Trevor came highly recommended by multiple people and made our first home buying experience the absolute best it could possibly be. We appreciate how much Trevor cared to take the time to get to know us, our exact wants, our timeline, and he executed at the exact pace we felt comfortable with. He always made himself available to answer all of our questions over the phone or in person and was so easy to get along with. You absolutely want Trevor and his team to be in your corner for when you are looking to buy a home, especially in such a competitive market. We are so grateful for this experience and to start this next chapter in our dream home thanks to this wonderful team – I highly recommend them!!!

Reagan and Clark

John did an incredible job selling our condo in Arlington. He knew the area, the building, and what perspective buyers were looking for and how to reach them. We had renters in our property at the time and he did an incredible job balancing our wishes to sell the property while respecting their privacy and rights. I can’t recommend him and his team (Janis is amazing) enough. They made what could have been a very difficult and cumbersome process/event into an efficient and effective experience

Jason Fesser

Working with John and Trevor was an excellent experience from our initial questions about house buying through actually buying a house. They were responsive to all of our initial questions and provided a good sounding board that allowed my partner and I to feel more comfortable with the process and to hone in on what the best situation was for us. It was never pressure about buying and focused on what made sense as they provided us information to enable us to make a choice appropriate for our family.

Jane and Erik

Simply put, John goes above and beyond for his clients.  From the time we engaged him and his team, we felt like they helped us develop a plan to get our home sold on the schedule and for the price that was agreed upon.   The sale of our home presented some unprecedented challenges in the time of COVID, and John continued to do everything required to ultimately meet our goals and expectations for this process.  Even after the closing of our home, John has still been as responsive to our questions as he was at the beginning of the process.  If you are looking for a realtor, you definitely should consider John Eric!

Joseph Katona and Rebecca Hook

We just completed our fourth transaction with John and are currently in the throes of our fifth. So long as we keep living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, we’ll have no other realtor! As I wrote way back in 2013 (!!), John is the best at what he does: trustworthy, communicative, with an impeccable pulse on the market and always ready to go to bat for his clients…many of whom become close friends. Five Stars all the way…

Steve & Karen

We retained John and Trevor to sell our condo after 2 prior sales efforts had failed. Jointly, using their candid assessments of the condo market, we explored all options and set a sales goal. John and Trevor were efficient and effective in their marketing and soon identified and engaged potential buyers. They achieved a deal at our asking price in a very short time. All objectives for this sale were met and the closing was well-managed, which Shelly made happen. We would recommend this team without reservation.

E. Nelson

John Eric and his team were the perfect realtors. I do realize perfect is a strong word and I mean it. They responded almost immediately to every question or request. They priced the unit spot-on, recommended reasonable upgrades, coordinated getting those upgrades and a few repairs completed, and kept me up to date on everything. Because of these actions, the home sold quickly and at a great price. At every stop, they were transparent about options and actions, there were no hidden fees, and prices charged for work were completely fair. The team is professional and knowledgeable. I have closed (one side or the other) over a dozen times in recent years and this was by far the smoothest and most low stress closing I’ve ever experienced.

A. S.

John Eric was great to work with. Makes everything seem very simple. Knows the market very well and gets things done. I will use him again for sure.

David Erkens

John and Trevor helped us rent out our house. They made the process extremely easy and hassle free. For instance, they took the lead on finding the right people to make small repairs and cosmetic fixes. Moreover, they were able to find wonderful tenants within a day after listing. Overall, this was a great experience and we highly recommend them.

Heather & Brian

John Eric and his team are exceptional. He and his team have helped us with several home sales and purchases throughout the years. You will not find an agent more dedicated to his clients. He is responsive, familiar with the market, dependable, and an excellent negotiator. We can’t recommend John enough.

Chris Womack & Brandon Patchett

A huge Thanks to John and Trevor @ Compass for selling our Arlington home in 3 days! Their team eased the stress of a fast corporate relocation and took care of everything for us on the ground while we were already relocated and living in Dallas. From staging to landscaping, they handled everything to maximize our sale! Super easy and highly recommended!

Sihyun & Rachel Choi

Trevor and John helped my wife and I sell our condo in Columbia Heights and purchase a our new home in Chevy Chase (Trevor was our buyers agent when we purchased the condo back in 2015). They put forth a compelling marketing plan that highlighted our unique property and we are thrilled at the outcome. When it came to our new home, they were tremendously helpful in putting together a compelling offer and assisting with navigating a complex (and messy) TOPA situation. Exceptional professionals – highly recommend.

Lisa Halenar

Working with the team of John Eric and Trevor Moore was a wonderful experience. As a first time home buyer and currently over seas, I found this process (because of the professionalism of John and Trevor) to be a pleasant one. They always made me feel like I was a priority through this process and would answer all of my questions with efficiency, intelligence and humor which I very much appreciated. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this team. I would 100% recommend my friends and family to work with them in a heart beat!

Kinga Niecko-Samuel

We have worked with John Eric to rent our Rosslyn condo on numerous occasions. In each case, he has found well-suited renters very quickly. He has always been responsive and done an excellent job of figuring out the right value and ask from our renters. He makes getting new tenants extremely stress and hassle free for us. We would highly recommend his services!

Maddy & Paul Macko

John Eric was an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated real estate agent. It was a pleasure working with him and Trevor Moore. They made us feel like they were totally focused on the sale of our condo: advised on how best to prepare the condo for sale, worked with other agents to broadly market the availability of our condo, and successfully executed the sale of our condo in 3 days at full listing price. But their work with us did not stop there. Both John and Trevor worked closely with us until the day our condo sale closed. They went above and beyond the sale process…even helping us to store some of our furniture and move to an apartment so we were prepared to go to closing within a very short time-frame. I would not hesitate to highly recommend both of these real estate agents.

Jody & Brendan Devine

The process of selling our house from beginning to end could not have gone more smoothly and an outsized amount of credit for this is due to John and Trevor. Their professionalism, industry knowledge, and responsiveness went above and beyond every step of the way. Our home was under contract before even being officially brought to market, the sale closed without issue, and both buyers and sellers were overwhelmingly pleased with all aspects of the transaction. I cannot recommend them both highly enough!

Julie Siemers

I just have to say that working with Trevor and John was a dream experience! They were professional, courteous and prompt in all his communications and actions. I couldn’t think of anything that just was not top notch about the whole experience! They even had recommendations for the moving company and handyman that I needed to complete the relocation process. I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else for all of my real estate needs!

Christine Maginnis

John Eric is incredible to work with; he has strong dedication to his clients, a passion for his work and a commitment to excellence. I have worked with John Eric on numerous occasions and have never been disappointed or let down by my experience. He is very easy to work with and get along with. He took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for and understand what my expectations and limitations were. He puts a great deal of thought and effort into each client. He is very professional, personable, and respectful. I would recommend him entirely.

Jean F. Delpech

John Eric and Trevor Moore were outstanding in every respect! Incredibly helpful, efficient and responsive, everything went like a breeze and the house sold for exactly what they said it would despite lower initial estimates from other Realtors. They came warmly recommended by neighbors who were absolutely right!

Eduardo Ferrer

You will not be disappointed if you have John Eric represent you in the purchase or sale of a home. I should know as John has helped us sell two homes and buy one over the course of the last 6 years. He is smart, incredibly responsive, and just a really nice guy. He is also honest and insightful. He helped us really narrow down what it was we were looking for in a home without putting any pressure on us to buy quickly. I have recommended John many times to friends and will not hesitate to do so again in the future. He has my unqualified recommendation.

Jackie Vaughn

We worked with John Eric and Trevor Moore during our relocation to Virginia earlier this year. We were unfamiliar with the area and needed someone knowledgeable who could provide strong guidance. We hit the jackpot with John and Trevor. Relocation is complicated by the need for good schools, sports programs, a doable commute and all the little things that go beyond an actual real estate purchase. From our very first phone conversation with John, we were impressed by his knowledge of the areas we were considering. We met both John and Trevor when they showed us homes in various areas around Nova. As corny as it sounds, it truly was like getting two for one. They both offer unique talents and we always felt like we had someone holding our hand. We decided we loved Vienna which had low inventory. After they showed us every property available that met our criteria, we ended up purchasing a home that was not listed after Trevor scoured the area and found it. John and Trevor were able to manage the whole transaction and represented us well. We would definitely use them again and highly recommend them.

Colette Bryan

John Eric Trevor Moore and Associates are realtors who go well above and beyond when it comes to selling your home. The amount of time, energy and effort that they put into selling our home is what makes them most stand out. Not only did they recommend improvements that we could do to help sell our house at a higher price, they had the vendors to do the work and even oversaw the changes. They will be as involved as you’d like… they will coordinate and oversee every aspect of selling your home, or they will work in conjunction with you to get the job done. JETMA had multiple homes that they were in the process of selling and not once did we feel like just a number, or as if they weren’t working 100% on selling our home. Very responsive, always attentive and also a fun group to boot! I enjoyed working with JETMA so much, I decided to join the team!

Adriana Zimmer

From the outset, John provided us with a proven prescription for success. His multi-point marketing approach, responsiveness, attention to detail, and detailed workplan with milestones enabled us to achieve optimal results during our desired timeframe. Mostly, I was impressed with his ability to:

  • Offer an informed analysis and opinion of current regional market trends that was both broad and deep, and included pricing, comps, and market segmentation/buyer demographics
  • Offer innovative solutions to complex problems, especially for preparing our home for sale, and resolving the numerous home inspection items
  • Communicate effectively by providing daily and weekly status reports (both written and oral) for our listing as well as the local market
  • Display interpersonal flexibility in working with our hectic family schedule and other personal constraints
  • Pay attention to detail with staging the home and accomplishing repairs in a timely way
  • Leverage strategic partnerships with vendors in the community to deliver prompt and quality service for maintenance – specifically for the roof, and front/back wood facing. (Rarely would an agent volunteer to troubleshoot home repair issues.)

In following John’s blueprint, we were able to successfully sell our home in 30 days during a historically slow season. John exceeded our expectations for service delivery and responsiveness, displayed integrity and honesty throughout the process, and brought true value to the transaction with a positive attitude, result-driven approach, and keeping his word.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about John’s performance. We also truly enjoyed working with him because, besides being very talented, he’s also a really nice person. I truly believe that because of his superior service and ability to overdeliver, John is single-handedly raising the bar for your industry. We plan to recommend John to our contacts for their real estate needs, and also plan to collaborate with him on future transactions. One exceptionally satisfied customer.

Bill Milians and Cindy Brown-Milans

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of meeting and using the real-estate services of John Eric. Our experience with him left us in no doubt that he is one of the finest in his field. He is flawlessly organized and has a high professional ethic as well as being a delightful person to work with. Under his exceptional guidance we were relieved the pains one usually experiences when selling their home.

John went all out to promote the sale of our home no detail escaped his attention. He was on top of what the housing market was doing in our area, and made prudent recommendations on how to price our property. John also put together a detailed marketing plan and timeline for the advertising and promotion of our home. He created an excellent web site and a color brochure that highlighted all the best selling points of our home.
Above and beyond John offered the services of his decorator, for the perfect showing, and also the services his cleaning crew, who took care of those areas that are sometimes overlooked. He then introduced us to his top quality service people, who like John, had first-rate work ethics. These associates took care of all our flooring, painting, heating/cooling and moving needs with great care. Thankfully, if my husband and I were unavailable, John or a team member would kindly meet with the service people in our behalf. In addition, when I mentioned that I had several pieces of furniture and art that I needed to sell he made up a colored sales brochure and presented it to each person who visited our home. Wow if that is not over-the-top, I don’t know what is!

John Eric and his team worked tirelessly together, having an open house every weekend until we had a ratified contract. However busy John was, he always was prompt in returning our calls. The entire time John kept us abreast to all the potential buyers that visited our home, along with their helpful comments by way of a feedback system that John devised. This feedback was invaluable in not only obtaining comments, but the level interest of potential buyers and their agents as well.

Our experience with John and his team was excellent beyond comparison. He gave us superior service that blew our minds with optimal results. With John’s accomplished guidance we sold our house in 14 days in a downward market. Not only did we get the price we wanted but we sold our house well before the competition down the street. So, without reservation we give our full-hearted recommendation of John Eric’s top-notch services to all our friends and neighbors who are thinking of selling their home.

Gordon and Joan MacNeil

Now that the dust has settled on the sale of our Highgate property, Joan and I want to again record our appreciation and thanks to you for your work on our behalf over the past weeks. We have sold houses before, but we never have had the level of service, advice, and effort that you provided. Your marketing slogan “we sell more because we do more” was certainly true in our case. In addition to the obvious factors that come into play for marketing and sale of a house, there were some things that are not always obvious, and I’d like to remark on some of those.

First, you and your team were always extremely courteous and professional in dealing with us and with clients, and we appreciated that very much. There were many open houses, and these were cheerfully managed. The rules of engagement for us during these periods were always clear. There were times when we were frustrated with things such as the home inspection and its aftermath, but you always maintained your cool and kept things in perspective, even if we did not on occasion. You were very patient with us, and answered many questions that you probably thought did not need to be asked.

Second, you were very firm and instructive on the steps that needed to be taken in marketing the property. Joan and I decided early on that you and your colleagues were the experts, and we would follow your advice and, basically, obey you when you requested that we do certain things, such as rearranging furniture, de-cluttering the rooms, etc. Because you seemed very sure of the best actions to take, we had confidence that you were correct and so were not tempted to second-guess your advice. Had you been less firm, it is likely we’d have ended up compromising and confusing the marketing strategy, with possibly less favourable results, in the end.

Finally, we both think that you really did go beyond the call of duty during the last few weeks when several repairs and modifications had to be made to satisfy the sale contract. I am sure you spent many hours doing things that other agents would simply have insisted were our responsibility. As we were engaged in our move to Canada during that time, we greatly and especially appreciated that effort.
We enjoyed working with you, John, and I hope you continue to have success in your business, and that other clients will appreciate your efforts as much as we did.

John K. Perez

We have moved five times over our careers having interviewed and worked with many realtors. Our experience with John Eric was head and shoulders above any previous experience. He’s very patient and a great listener. We found our current home based on a type of home characteristic that John Eric picked up on that my wife and I had not even really communicated yet. He is also the most professional realtor that we have ever had the pleasure of working with. We won’t hesitate to hire him again if need be

Timothy Ross

When I moved to the DC Metro area, John was recommended to me by one of my partners. He was patient and understanding, and looked out for our best interests down to making sure the house we rented was cleaned properly. John is the only real estate agent I will ever need inside the beltway.

Jeff Zakem

I have been on both sides of the real estate transaction with John — as a buyer and a seller — and there is no one better to represent my interests. John is the “go-to guy” for real estate expertise in the Northern Virginia – DC area.

Vernon Cassin III

John is an extremely conscientious real estate agent. Despite being on vacation when we put in a bid for our home, he managed every aspect of the sale. Even a year after the sale is finished, he continues to advise us on issues we encounter as new homeowners. My wife and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Nick Tsiopanas

John is an absolutely top-notch real estate agent. He is timely, responsive, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and most importantly he got the results we wanted on both the sell and buy side. I would absolutely use him again and recommend him to anyone who needs an agent.

Thuy K. Loi

John Eric is a true professional who works tirelessly on behalf of his clients, listens to and understands their concerns, represents their best interests, and consistently offers sound advice with good humor. My wife and I have worked with John at least half a dozen times since 2007 and he has done a stellar job for us each and every time. John Eric has earned his impeccable reputation as a top expert in this field.

Holly Huff Ellis

John worked tirelessly to secure our home. The sellers agent was unscrupulous and immoral failing on several occasions to follow legal obligations to his clients and the court system, as the property was in bankruptcy court. John discovered and confronted every scheme that was attempted and without fail out maneuvered the selling agent to ensure we got our new home. Though not a big sale, John had laser precision focus and guidance. It is now over a year later and we are exceptionally happy and grateful for his enormous efforts.

Artie R. Esworthy, III

My wife and I used John last year to help us purchase our home. He is an expert in the Arlington area and we were pleased with his services and our outcome. He has a lot of experience in home buying and is very efficient.

Charlie Browning

John Eric is simply the best Realtor I have had the pleasure of working with. His professionalism and attention to detail are exceptional. He has developed a highly skilled team – from staging to photography to brochure design – to execute his marketing plan. As I recall, we had a contract in 6 days. I would recommend John to anyone who is looking for a great real estate – whether you’re buying or selling.

Jason Hines

John is incredibly high caliber, productive and savvy. He has a great process and it works. His timeline and ability to execute multiple tasks at the same time is amazing, and his team of stagers, marketers, and staff are top notch.

Robin Hanna

Mr. Eric knows his industry! I would recommend him to the most demanding client, knowing that his expertise would make all parties happy with the outcome.

Adam Ozmer

John is a fantastic strategic partner to have in the real estate market. His experience, candor, and good instincts result in fast sales, well edited showings, and great outcomes.

Jiri Smetana

Since we were moving to Dallas, we hired John to sell our townhouse in Arlington in hopes of getting quick results. We were worried about having our house sit on the market and being out of state paying double mortgage/rent, but the process moved very quickly so that we were back in Arlington a month later to close on our house. The process was quick, smooth, and pain free, just what we needed since we already moved out of the area.

Kiraz Bulut

John helped us with the purchase of our first home. He is an expert on the Northern Virginia market. John provided us with invaluable information on neighborhoods, particular developments and schools, yet quickly grasped what we were looking for, and made it happen.

Throughout the process, John was very responsive to our wishes and needs, and was always easy to get in touch with.

Most importantly, John knows the art of the deal – he is very good at overcoming any obstacles to get to the close, and make both sides feel good about the process. Buying and selling a home is a complicated, emotional process that is difficult to manage, and we are glad that we had John on our side

Sara Linda Poly

John sold two houses for us within a few months and he is amazing! He is dependable, punctual, knowledgeable and knows how to get the job done!!!! We were constantly surprised by his energy, skill and dedication. A highly effective advocate, we always felt he worked for our best interest and would not hesitate to work with him again.

Simon Latcovich

Although I didn’t want to use a real estate agent at all, I found John’s help invaluable. I will use him for every house that I buy in the future!

Amy Letonja

John did a wonderful job of keeping our priorities in mind when helping us purchase two properties over the past 7 years. He strikes a good balance between showing us what we said we wanted to see, and making recommendations based on our preferences. In both cases John showed us properties that I probably would not have found on my own and both have been great purchases for so many reasons. We were very pleased with John’s support throughout the buying process. As for his ability to sell our last place, John took over while we were busy planning our wedding and sold our place 2 days prior to our wedding, he thankfully handled everything. I have recommended John to several friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Divesh Gupta

In a uniquely difficult real estate market, John walked with us every step of the way in selling our home. John was always a consummate professional, providing support when we needed it, the right advice whether we were in a place to accept it or not, and a careful understanding of our personalities and situation. He managed the process each step of the way, particularly to make sure that our transaction closed (despite the fact that we seemed to come across every single bump in the road along the way). We’ve never felt so comfortable with an agent, and would recommend him to everyone and anyone in a heartbeat. We’re thankful that we had the opportunity to work together.

Christine Maginnis

John Eric is incredible to work with; he has strong dedication to his clients, a passion for his work and a commitment to excellence. I have worked with John Eric on numerous occasions and have never been disappointed or let down by my experience. He is very easy to work with and get along with. He took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for and understand what my expectations and limitations were. He puts a great deal of thought and effort into each client. He is very professional, personable, and respectful. I would recommend him entirely.

Brian Gilbert

John Eric is incredibly professional and his customer service is second to none. He helped us as we purchased our first house. This can be a difficult and trying experience, but he walked us through the whole process. We were very impressed with his knowledge, his connections, and his service. We will definitely use him again when it comes time to upgrade.

Lindsay Warner Ferrer

When I contacted John, he quickly surveyed my Courthouse Hill condo and made several suggestions for easy improvements to increase the sales appeal. He quickly arranged all of the necessary repairs and upgrades. The condo was on the market in under two weeks, with a listing price much higher than I had anticipated. We had an exceptional offer less than 24 hours after listing, and it closed within three weeks. It was an incredibly easy process from my end, and John ably managed all of the logistics. I would highly recommend John Eric to anyone and everyone. I will be a repeat client in the future.

Charles Gregorios

Over the last 30 years, I have bought and sold 12 properties and in so doing have had experiences with numerous real estate agents. I feel very comfortable in stating that John Eric and his group were the most professional in all aspects in selling my condo within one day. The preparation and execution were outstanding, and I recommend him without qualification.

Pat Haney, Steve Lopez & Maddie

We recently moved from Arlington, VA to San Jose, CA. In preparing for this major relocation, we needed to make sure we found a capable and professional realtor to help us with the process of preparing our home for sale and getting it sold quickly and for the maximum amount we could get on the property. Luckily, our neighbor across the street had recently put his property up for sale and had hired a realtor to help him in this process. We watched as the realtor he hired came by numerous times while the house was being prepared for sale. The realtor seemed to be at the house a lot, making sure that the necessary steps were being taken to get the house ready for sale. Once the house came on the market, the house sold within a day. We knew at the moment, we were going to be using this same realtor when it came time to sell our house. The realtor was:

John Eric
Vice President | Principal
John Eric Real Estate

The day he came over to brief us on his company and what they could offer we were impressed by his professionalism, knowledge, confidence and attention to detail. He immediately told us what to expect and what he recommended we do to get the top dollar for our home. We followed his advice and replaced items he recommended we upgrade. As a result of his recommendations and assistance in getting our home not only upgraded to reflect current buyers tastes, but staged to bring in the most interest and demand, it sold within the first 2 days on the market for full asking price. This was the highest asking price received for homes in our complex since the housing market fell in 2007. We highly recommend John Eric as the preferred agent to handle anyone’s need to sell their house or represent them in buying a new house. We only wish John Eric was out here in California to help us in finding and buying a new home. We give John Eric 12 out of 10 stars!!!