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Trevor Moore has been in real estate his entire adult life. Trevor began his career in Las Vegas, Nevada where he developed his skills and experience. After moving to Phoenix, Arizona he not only honed his industry experience but also worked with a firm that specialized in technology built for the real estate industry, specifically listing agents. Trevor moved to the Washington D.C. metro area to continue his passion and pursuit in one of the largest US markets. 

Arriving in Washington, Trevor joined the Leo Pareja team. Working with Pareja, one of the top brokers in the United States, he was exposed to a wide variety of transactions. These transactions ranged from luxury homes to distressed foreclosures to new, high-end construction. One transaction that Trevor worked on while with Pareja was the high-profile selling of an embassy property. His work on this sale afforded him entry into the diplomatic community and many high-profile clients. 

Trevor worked with the Pareja team for seven years, two of those years as its leader. In this role, he not only acted as an agent but learned the multi-faceted real estate industry from a different perspective. Trevor developed agents, ran the operations side of the business, oversaw the marketing and technological aspects of the group and grew the team and its market share. In January of 2017, Trevor joined Compass Real Estate and, working with his new firm, bought out the Leo Pareja group. This included an extensive book of business.

Joining Compass, Trevor sought to combine his top-level service with the firm’s world-class technology and brand.  Based on market share, Compass is ranked the number one real estate firm in Washington DC. Then, in the spring of 2018, Trevor and John Eric combined forces and knowledge to create the John Eric | Trevor Moore and Associates real estate group based out of Compass. With a combined 26 years of experience and sales topping half a billion dollars, they are now leaders in the Washington DC metro real estate market.

Real Estate is Trevor’s main passion and he enjoys every relationship he creates along the way. Having lived in many different parts of the United States (the west, southwest, northwest, mid-atlantic and south) he has been afforded a singular perspective on the real estate market. He understands not just local but national market trends and types of housing. His institutional knowledge of the Washington metro market combined with that of his past experience make Trevor an agent in high demand.

Trevor’s other interests are wide and varied. This husband and father of two enjoys competitive athletics. A state championship wrestler in his youth, these days Trevor enjoys participating in triathlons, ultimate frisbee competitions and on flag football teams. He also enjoys nature and taking breaks to go camping when possible. As a father of two, Trevor has volunteered his time to noble charities that assist children. At times assisting Home Stretch (an organization that empowers the area’s homeless families and children to attain permanent housing) and Child Help (an organization that helps the victims of child abuse through education treatment and prevention programs), Trevor hopes to become even more active with these organizations in the future.

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