Amazon wants to take over a public park in Pentagon City to stage the construction of its first two office towers. Arlington County is considering it — for a price. The company is asking the Arlington County Board for permission to use about 19,300 square feet of green space dubbed Metropolitan Park for a general contractor’s base, medical trailer and pump equipment.

The site, located between 13th and 14th streets South, sits between several residential buildings that are part of the larger Metropolitan Park planned development district, including The Bartlett and The Acadia.
It’s also adjacent to the former warehouses on S. Eads Street between 13th and 15th streets that were recently demolished to make way for Amazon’s office towers.

County staff is recommending Amazon pay $10,000 per month for the use of the public easement on the park, as well as least $2,400 for every tree it destroys during the process.

Photo credit: ARLNOW