With Mercedes-Benz’s ‘Flexperience’ subscription service officially announced, and a bevy of other automakers already experimenting with the subscription marketing scheme, BMW is leaping in with their own version of the appealing plan, which they’re calling Access by BMW. No 7 Series cars, though. If you want access to one of those, you’ll have to be all in with your Black Card, or a small satchel full of green bundles.

Which is a little surprising. The Mercedes plan allows customers the ability to move freely laterally, within Class, keeping S-Class models within reach of those subscribers who want to shell out to sample the top end. That may be good marketing, as it will allow freedom to experiment with the top end—and get hooked on the consolations of an S-Class vehicle which, once experienced, may be difficult to give up. A full aromatherapy/hot stone massage treatment on the drive home may sound silly to serious boardroom types in the showroom, but a few days of such treatment can quickly become habit-forming for even the most pragmatic power broker.

As of now, BMW’s subscription plans break down into two levels. The $2K plan lets drivers check out available vehicles through the 5-Series. The other plan will run nearly twice as much monthly, but includes M-Series vehicles; that plan costs $3.7K. Like subscription plans offered by other luxury carmakers, the associated fees include insurance, roadside assistance, and upkeep.

BMW is putting a unique spin on Access, though, making the service more brand-specific, comprehensive, and recognizable via an order-and-forget process; cars will be delivered by a concierge with driver preferences already set, and the company plans to allow as many vehicle changes as desired each month.