Rosedale may be a small nugget of a neighborhood in Northeast DC, often overlooked by showier neighbors like Capitol Hill. But whatever you do, don’t think of it as a mere appendage to the H Street Corridor.

“Long-time residents would find that very offensive,” says architect Amanda Clarke. A long-time resident of Rosedale, Clarke moved to the neighborhood in 2004. Originally, she searched for housing in Northwest, but her desire for garden space and light – at an affordable price – drew her east to Rosedale.

“My agent didn’t want me to live there,” she recalls. “But I didn’t know enough about the area to know any better.” More than a decade later, she has no plans to go anywhere. “I love my street. I have a 60-foot backyard with a garden and a deck that I take great pleasure in.”

As housing prices continue to push home buyers further east, more and more people are discovering what Rosedale has to offer: ample square footage that’s relatively affordable.

But the value still comes at something of a price.

“I’m seeing more developers interested in building in and around the area, and that’s a concern to me and some other people here,” says Sondra Phillips-Gilbert, who’s lived in her Rosedale rowhome since 1990. An ANC 6A commissioner, she’s concerned the growing interest in Rosedale will price some people out of the neighborhood.

(Urban Turf)