Washington DC based tech company CleanChoice Energy is partnering with Braze, a comprehensive customer engagement platform, to develop customer-centric clean energy marketing solutions. CleanChoice Energy will utilize Braze’s technology to help further reduce the cost of accessing climate solutions, expand clean energy access and speed the clean energy transition.

Customer acquisition costs in clean energy have remained stubbornly high. In rooftop solar, for example, acquisition costs can be as much as 11% of the total cost of an installation. To achieve the scale and pace of clean energy growth required to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the industry needs better solutions at lower costs. Together, CleanChoice and Braze will bring some of the best thinking in digital marketing to the clean energy field as part of the next leap forward in creating personalized, omni-channel customer experiences for climate solutions.

“Clean energy is too hard for consumers to access. It’s often capital intensive, time-intensive, and an information overload. But it doesn’t have to be. CleanChoice Energy’s mission is to make clean solutions easy and accessible to everybody. To execute on that vision, we need to disrupt the status quo and create easy, personalized clean energy experiences,” said Tom Matzzie, Founder and CEO of CleanChoice Energy. “The technology that Braze offers enables us to better match consumers with the right solution, reduce soft costs of clean energy deployment and speed the transition to our clean energy future.”

“As citizens of the world, we all have a responsibility to create a clean and sustainable future for all,” said Bill Magnuson, Cofounder and CEO of Braze. “We’re looking forward to helping CleanChoice Energy convert and retain more customers, and ultimately, have a positive impact on the world through their energy-efficient technology and solutions.”