It’s not just about your home. It’s about you and how you want to be viewed by the world. With so many options in paint, almost any color family can look good on your front door if you pick the right hue. Signal your style to your neighbors through a vibrant or calm door color – it’s your choice!

Front door colors can say a ton about your personality as well as your personal style. Bold, bright reds are vibrant and fun. Cool blues are soft and inviting. Show your green thumb some love and bring the color to your front door. With a few hours and a can of paint, you can mix-up your home’s style over the weekend. According to Benjamin Moore Paints, these are the colors of the moment:

1. Burgundy is a great choice for those looking for interest without committing to the intensity of a real vivacious red. Brick red is a slightly more modern take on burgundy, with red coming in as the color with the most personality!

2. Blue can be rich and classic or fun and fresh, ranging from the deepest navy to a bright sky blue. However, it’s usually the navy colors that are a hit with today’s homeowner.

3. Teal/Blue Green. Whether you’re looking for a farmhouse or a beach look, there is nothing like a fresh, modern teal paint color for your front door! Teal is a mixture of blue and green – and not always an even mixture, some teals lean more to the blue side, while others lean towards more green.

4. Dark Green.There’s something about a solid dark green that just seems to work on a LOT of homes.

5. Black is bold and is a great way to make a statement on a large or small home. It looks especially fabulous when paired with a crisp white trim.

6. Gray/Charcoal. This is usually a hit with homeowners and suits many of home styles.

7. Yellow and Gold can look warm and welcoming on a home, just remember that yellow reflects much more light than most other colors, so when choosing a yellow make sure that it’s intensity suits your home and your style (in other words err on the side of caution when choosing ‘intensity’).

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design