A major computer glitch has impacted 70,000 speed camera tickets issued to drivers.

Roughly 1,900 of the 70,000 tickets should have been dismissed, but the DC Department of Motor Vehicles sent 1,773 of the tickets to collections.

The following statement is attributed to a DMV spokesperson from January 23, 2018.

In June, our ticket processing vendor determined approximately 70,000 tickets submitted on-line for adjudication and suspended for mail adjudication were not properly processed. A recent programming change resulted in these tickets not being pushed to the workflow queues for hearing examiners to review and decide. Once the issue was discovered, these tickets were pushed to the hearing examiners’ queues to review and decide. DC DMV regulations require us to answer a Request for Reconsideration within 180 days or dismiss the ticket. The vendor identified the requests for reconsideration that were more than 180 days (approx 1,700), and they were administratively dismissed by DMV. A letter was sent to customers informing them of this legal requirement, the dismissal of the ticket and that they were not required to do anything further.