Over the last few weeks you might have noticed that summer has officially arrived and temperatures are soaring. With or without air conditioning (I live in Hawaii & AC is not the norm) it’s probably time to lighten up your bed sheets. Here is the best tip – you need linen and breezy, organic cotton. Linen has an open weave, so it’s extremely breathable. Organic cotton feels crisp and cool even when extremely hot and humid. The more you wash either one, the softer they will become.

You might find that locating the perfect sheets is a little more challenging than you might have thought. Very few stores stock linen or linen/cotton blends. I have noticed the stores that do have them on their shelves have a high retail ticket price attached. I have been searching and here are a few of the best online vendors that provide the best quality sheets at a value.

Parachute’s linen sheets are hands down the most preferred linen sheets according to many shoppers. The sheets are super light, wrinkly (think casual, chic elegance), and comfortable in a way that made them feel like home. One of the best features is they continue to get better with every wash. $399-$440

Rough Linen lives up to its name for the first few washes. The fabric is rough and natural in a way that makes it feel like raw canvas. I suggest to wash them a few times before you throw them on your bed — and, like a pair of selvage jeans, the linen softens up. Best of all, they’re so sturdy you’ll probably be able to pass them down to your kids. $360-$400

Like a classic navy blazer, fantastic cotton sheets should already be in your repertoire. If they aren’t, you should check out the Boll & Branch long-staple, 300-count, 100-percent organic cotton sheet set. These are perfect for summertime. $200-$295

Lastly, Brooklinen also has classic sheet line that is a little lighter weight however; their Luxe series is just wonderful. Check out a thin pinstripe to give your room a little more texture $240

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design