Actress Emilia Clarke is once again interested in taking on a tenant for her home in Venice, CA. Clarke picked up the home in 2016, paying $4.6 million to secure a suitable living space in the Los Angeles area. But the British-born actress still calls England home.

And so the house in Venice goes on the rental market at $25K/month. If that kind of rent expenditure is in your budget, and you’re looking for a contemporary home south of L.A. that forcefully voices brutalist influences, you’re in luck.

The house dates to 2009, and looks it; as an expression of the fringe extreme of stylized industrial embellishment, it’s textbook. The exterior is imposing and, in the context of the surrounding area, pretty dramatic.

The house isn’t large—it’s a two-and-two, measuring just over 2,800 square feet—but the sense of scale within is striking. The feeling of expanse is both modified and enhanced by the most defining material used to express the home: poured concrete. The spaces would be perhaps a little rootless if not for the ponderous quality of the cement that anchors the place, giving it a definition and a context.

Aside from cement, the house speaks through glass and steel. So, yes, lots of hard surfaces tell the tale. But, there’s also a pleasing transparency that blurs the interior/exterior demarcation, and enough warmth to act as a little romantic ballast, most notably in the wall of natural-finished built-ins with rail latter, the fireplace, and custom cabinetry.

Clarke has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards for her work on Game of Thrones. She appears in the upcoming ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’; the film sees Lawrence Kasdan’s return to the faraway galaxy.