Blazers are one of the few items that never go out of style for men and women. This explains why there is usually one in most designer collections in any store, at any time of the year. But even such a classic silhouette isn’t immune to trends. We have seen it embrace many “new looks” that range from extra-strong shoulder pads for the ladies (’80s revival – Liz Claiborne) to shrunken/cropped for the gentlemen. And how could any of us miss the gray check pattern everyone has been wearing since fall?

Most recently we have seen a more specific stylistic shift with the blazers on the runway and in the stores. Hello and welcome to the double-breasted blazer! What is double breasted? It is a blazer that essentially has two front panels of the piece overlap and feature two vertical rows of buttons. This creates a cool, vintage-inspired look that can be worn open over your favorite graphic tee or crisp oxford. For a more modern look ladies may opt to button it up with nothing underneath (it works for evening too).

As a teenager of the 1980’s, I have always loved double breasted jackets and blazers. I have always used them as a third layer. Having struggled with weight issues my entire life (up and down) the proportion of a shoulder pad to a hip can really disguise so much. The jacket can give you confidence. My favorite look is a great navy double-breasted jacket, white button down and the most distressed jeans you could ever find. I then like to next anchor the whole look with a great classic horse-bit loafer or Jack Purcell tennis shoes. This look works for both men and women. If you aren’t feeling that look ladies, it also looks amazing to take a double-breasted jacket and pair it with a feminine blouse. The juxtaposition of the two makes for great style! The cool part is that you don’t have to style the jacket with anything – you can stay within your basics, and the jacket does all the talking.

Here Are Many Ways You Can Wear A Double Breasted Jacket
1.You can wear the jacket and button it.
2.You can cape the jacket (put it around your shoulders without putting your arms in)
3.You can wear it open and show the amazing shirt you’ve paired underneath
4.You can wear it with a cami and pencil skirt
5.You can dress it down with athleisure style joggers and embellished designer sneakers
6.You can button it up and wear it black tie with an amazing pair of palazzo pants & patent skimmers

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design