Fitwel is all about healthy living, and it’s going to be big.

Fitwel is a building certification standard that encourages healthy, active living; it was developed by The Center for Active Design (CfAD) at the instigation of New York’s former Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who noted at the time that “physical activity and healthy eating are the two most important factors in reducing obesity.” Now the first residential building has been certified under the standard: The Pearl, a luxury residential project in Silver Spring, Maryland, built by the Tower Companies. From the press release:

“Our goal was to design The Pearl with elements that promote an active lifestyle and enrich people’s lives by giving them a sense of still and calm,” said Jeffrey Abramson, partner at The Tower Companies. “The Pearl is a home, a place where anyone can live a healthy, balanced, and full life with little effort. The Fitwel Certification System has given us the tools to greatly enhance that experience for our residents.”