These artists will turn your pet into a work of art—and won’t charge a fortune.

1. Katie Garrison, Carrollton, Va.

Specialty: All species.

Medium: Pencil.

Price: An 8-by-10-inch illustration starts at $120. Alternate sizes are available.

How it works: Send one to three high-resolution photos, along with details you want included. Garrison sends a sketch early on so you can make adjustments.

A little more: “My favorite subject is dogs,” says Garrison. “Heidi, our sweet goldendoodle, is my muse.”

2. Jamie Peterson, Glover Park

Specialty: All species.

Media: Ink-and-watercolor, oil.

Price: $80 for 5 by 7 inches, $125 for 8 by 10, $175 for 12 by 18. Oil portraits begin at $500.

How it works: Peterson works from photos or life. Turnaround is approximately four to six weeks, but rush orders are available.

A little more: Offers live painting for events and special occasions.

3. Elizabeth Graeber, Takoma Park

Specialty: Dogs, cats, birds.

Medium: Watercolor.

Price: An 8-by-10-inch portrait starts at $100. Ask about pricing for larger pieces.

How it works: Send two to four photos for Graeber to work from. Turnaround is about two weeks.

A little more: She donates $10 of each portrait to the Humane Rescue Alliance, where she got her two dogs, Chickpea and Willow.

4. Stormy Clowdis, Lynchburg, Va.

Specialty: Dogs and cats, but Clowdis says: “I’m waiting for the day I get an otter or tarantula!”

Media: Pencil and watercolor.

Price: A 6-by-9-inch portrait starts at $45. Ask about pricing for larger pieces.

How it works: Send several pictures of the animal. You’ll get your piece in one to three days.

A little more: Clowdis loves to include clients’ favorite foliage—such as their wedding bouquet or state flower. “It really frames their pet in a unique way,” she says.

5. Susie Carmichael, Arlington

Specialty: Dogs and cats.

Medium: Acrylic.

Price: $79 for 8 by 8 inches to $429 for 24 by 24 for a single pet. Each additional animal in the portrait is $75.

How it works: Along with photos of your pet, you’ll send background-color preferences.

A little more: In lieu of a solid color, consider getting a quote for an ornate background such as a graphic wallpaper pattern.

As published in the February 2018 issue of Washingtonian.