When you look around a room there are so many elements that are used to create a cohesive statement. When I refer to a “statement” I am speaking of an overall message trying to be conveyed. A room would not be cohesive without all the elements coming together as one nor would it be bold enough without furniture to anchor the space. If you think about it, there are really very few rooms without furniture. Even in a museum, there is furniture that serves a utilitarian function but also coordinates with the space – making certain it does not detract.

This year there are a few furniture trends that we cannot miss. Here are just a few to keep on the look out for:

•Raw, natural materials such as wood and cement. The two combined create an edgy artisan look. Another option is to mix chrome with wood and coffee tables with marble or onyx.

•Mid-century modern. I don’t think I need to say anymore.

•Blue furniture either painted or upholstered.

•Return to square tables (similar to traditional game tables.)

•This fabric continues to be strong especially in warm saturated colors like rust, wine, and watermelon for upholstery and then accented in draperies and pillows.

•Located on sofas and lampshades.

•Classic wood and metal chairs reinvented in bright colors used with farm tables and rustic desks.

•Loosely interpreted floral patterns on upholstery in bold hues such as green and yellow.

•A return to decorative detail such as trim and pleating along with more attention paid to the look of welting, flanges and zippers.

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design