After six decades as essential, one defining feature of the sacred television set is about to change for the better: its down-time visibility. For decades, many box-watchers have endured the sets as clunky assaults on Feng Shui.

Samsung has it in mind to change all that with a line of sets that discreetly retreat visually when not in use. The devices even feature a single transparent cable to eliminate visual cord clutter.

The ability to blend in comes especially in handy considering the massive sets most of us enjoy these days. Samsung’s size range for the line is 55 to 88 inches. They feature quantum dot light-emitting diode display technology, so users will enjoy a brighter and more colorful image display when watching.

4K UHD resolution and HDR10+ compatibility add to the impressive quality of image production. Some of the higher-end models also boast Direct Full Array (DFA) technology with the ability to brighten or dim specific sections of pixels. And, when not in use, they all but disappear.

The new 2018 Samsung TVs range in price from $899 up to $3,799, or as much as $20,000 for the 88-inch Q9F model.