BMW has introduced its impressive Concept iX3. The vehicle represents a bright and powerful future for high-end all-electric SUVs, as well as one more step on the road to broad EV acceptance.

The crossover isn’t scheduled to hit roads until 2020. But, this month, the German automaker gave us a glimpse of what the future vehicle might look like at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. And it indicates a major departure from BMW’s i3 electric car in its design language; BMW is no longer hoping to sell the i3 to EV enthusiasts desiring to look the part.

While the i3 looks self-consciously futuristic, the BMW Concept iX3 takes a more traditional approach with a number of styling cues taken straight from the automaker’s line of luxe gas-powered SUVs. Similar to the X3, the special electric concept features the brand’s twin-kidney grille, and the typically authoritative ‘stacking’ design that’s sold many an SUV.

The production model will almost certainly depart from this concept to one degree or another, but the overall approach to style is expected to carry over into production. Future drivers can also mark a powerful electric motor as read; the concept boasts a 70-kilowatt-hour battery pack allowing for a range of 249 miles, which could be improved upon significantly by the time the vehicle rolls onto showroom floors.

BMW’s Concept iX3 is just one of the dozen automaker’s planned all-electric car models slated to arrive by 2025.