It is officially December! That means it’s time to celebrate! 2018 has been a year of surprises and a ton of drama! As we usher out the year, make the commitment to do it in style. It is a great time to express you at home. Your personal retreat is your individual expression of you and your culture – regardless of how you celebrate the season. The memories you make are the visions you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. I cam so grateful for the rich and vivid past experiences my parents, grandparents and husband have created for me over the years. It’s the warm cozy feeling that your home exudes that creates those thoughts we will carry so deep in our heart. From the fragrant evergreen garland to the glow of the candles from across the dining room, you are creating a holiday like no other – whether for you or someone special in your life. Sop climb up the attic, dig through the garage and make magic happen! Let’s deck the halls!

The focal point of many homes around the world is the Christmas tree; the Christmas tree is sometimes explained as a Christianization of the pagan tradition and a ritual surrounding the winter solstice. The English-language phrase “Christmas tree” is first recorded in 1835 and represents an importation from the German language. A truly successful Christmas tree is accomplished by creating a balance of mixed bedazzled balls and vintage style pieces. Often the colors red and gold are utilized in decorating a classic Christmas tree, but can easily be kicked up a notch by adding frosty blue accents or other variations. Instead of going for an overly coordinated tree, perhaps mix and match new and vintage decorations in a variety of shapes, sizes and saturated hues to achieve a playful feel – the more color the merrier! A mix of magenta, silver and cool turquoise adds another pop of color that can’t be ignored in any home. This daring palette works perfectly against any home’s interior but looks especially remarkable against a handsome grey interior. Lastly, I must not forget to mention that during the holidays I like to include a few live miniature trees throughout the house. You can find them at any hardware or corner store. Make them each special by placing them on a velvet remnant and tying them each up with a bow or perhaps you opts to pant a few terracotta pots with your favorite metallic color and drop them in. It’s that easy!

Over the years, popular Christmas plants have included holly, mistletoe, ivy, poinsettia, and paper whites. The interiors of our homes are adorned with these plants in addition to garland and evergreen foliage. These swags are often decorated with small ornaments and attached to their delicate branches, and many times accented with a small light set. We cannot forget the wreath! Wreaths are often made from real or artificial conifer branches, broadleaf evergreens or holly. One of my favorite holiday wreath ideas is to “mirror” your wreaths inside and outside. Make certain you hang a fir wreath on the outside and inside of your door. Keep it very simple in style. This will create continuity and a smooth flow from the outside in. It also keeps a fresh scent of pine moving through your entire home.

As with fashion. Holiday decorating trends come and go. I always prefer to stay classic or minimalistic while many others chose the alternative route. Whatever your select, it is up to you to create the memories and style it to meet your needs and families personal style.

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design