Have you heard of the one-inch rule? Have you noticed that there is sometimes just something you can’t quite explain but it just ads that extra touch to a custom deigned room? According to a close designer colleague, you should never underestimate the power of an extra inch when creating your special space. Could this be one of the little magical details that designers input into every space? When it comes to hanging drapes, arranging bedding and fitting slip covers designers across America most usually “add an extra inch” to their tasks. An extra inch of fabric, draped along the floor of your home can create an elegant look without being too serious.

A great example would be utilizing the inch of extra fabric in your bedroom. Dreamy white curtains that float along the floor bring a chic, feminine feel. It is possible to parlay this rule into bedding and throws, but it’ll have a greater impact if it’s limited to one element in a room. If the curtains are longer, keep the bedding floating just above the floor. It’s all about balance.

Lastly, to achieve the full impact of the one-inch rule, you have to invest in good quality fabrics. Don’t skimp on blends and poor quality textiles. The beauty of this look is all in how the fabric breaks and folds.

So the next time you look at elegant yet inviting living space and think “Why doesn’t my den look that spectacular?” The answer is a simple as an inch. Give it a shot. One inch can go a long way in design.

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design