As home trends evolve, one of the most significant changes over the last 30 years has been in window treatments. Selecting the perfect window covering or accent can make a room feel more open, provide privacy, create height and add personality. Choosing window treatments in soothing shades and monochromatic color palettes can update any space and create a calm, serene environment. The right window treatment will keep the room simple but also create a harmonious transition between the walls and your windows.

Luxury and home furnishings go hand in hand. Volume is a major trend in luxury window treatments. Overall, drapes are getting longer and wider to accommodate the illusion of making the windows appear larger in scale. Lush fabrics like velvet, silk and linen look beautiful when tailored to highlight their texture. Not only do they drape beautifully, they add glamour to a room without overwhelming the space. Because they are so lush and precious on their own, they don’t need embellishment.

Extra long fabric puddled on the floor has been replaced with floor length draperies tailored to floor length. Longer looser pleats are the current trend (five to six inches long). They appear less prim and proper than shorter ones. Double rather than triple pleats are also being used to create a more casual and chic vibe. These little details provide a more contemporary and less formal feel.

Don’t forget about the pinch pleat drapes. They continue to be the standard for elegance in the industry. Pinch pleat drapes characteristically retain their shape, maintaining a consistent appearance open or closed. They also hang beautifully. Sometimes mistaken for the pinch pleat is the inverted box pleat drape. For a more modern and tailored room this “back pleat” style provides a lighter and more contemporary feel. If selected in a simple color palette these drapes can grace any home and add softness to a stark cold space.

Grommet drapes continue to be very much in vogue. While some grommet drapes appear to be much more casual, it is still possible to glam them up and make a statement in any space. The easiest way to add a sparkle is to make certain you purchase at least two sets of panels for each side of your window. This will allow you to add width and maintain 8-10 grommet folds at each side of the window. Another great way to add style is add a band at the bottom either in a contrasting color for a graphic element or a monochromatic color to add height. Vertical or horizontal banding is very popular and creates beautiful detail and interest to any plain drape.

When you look through drapery fabrics these days you cannot miss the bold graphic patterns. The choices appear limitless from geometric patterns, trellis designs, large-scale floral patterns, bright bold colors and whimsical toiles. Luckily, all these patterns look fabulous in the more traditional style drapes. The rod pocket and tab top styles continue to provide the volume and drape necessary to make the statement that these designs require.

Layering in your window treatments has also become an important trend. The overall look remains clean and the color palette should remain consistent for both treatments. Blending colors rather than contrasting ones works best when you wish to layer your treatments. Any type of blind or sheer can easily create this effect.

Regardless if you chose to go with traditional drapes, plantation shutters or layered blinds with drapery panels, you have limitless options available to add a unique style to any space. Make certain your length is perfect and measured accordingly. Go custom or shop the specialty store circuit. Just make sure your choice reflects your personal style. Seek out that special treatment and make your windows look as savvy as you do.

David Brown

Mulberry Seed Design