Designers and architects expect the pandemic to affect apartment design long after the lock-downs are over. Here are a few trends you’re likely to see.

More Flexible Spaces – Working from home with the help of digital tools was a trend long before the pandemic hit. Now that it’s widely accepted as a productive way to work, it is likely here to stay in a significant way, even after offices reopen. As a result, some architects believe residential design will take cues from recent developments in office and college-campus design.

Access to the Outdoors – After spending so much time indoors, having access to fresh air and nature at home is likely to become a priority. One way to provide a closer connection to nature may be with larger courtyard gardens, with more balconies and terraces.

Enhanced Technology – A heightened awareness of how people pick up viruses from the surfaces they touch will lead to more widespread adoption of smart-home technology.

(NYT, Photo Cushman & Wakefield via Reuters)