While DC closed out May with blanket speed limit reductions across many “local” streets, Mayor Bowser and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) are now taking another incremental step toward making streets more hospitable for residents to be outside while maintaining distancing recommendations.

Seven locations are now subject to the Slow Streets initiative. They are the following:

The roughly 8 blocks of 19th Street NW between Dupont Circle and Biltmore Street, as well as “most of” the blocks of Biltmore Street and Cliffbourne Place NW;

The roughly 10 blocks of 36th Street NW between Connecticut Avenue and Reno Road NW;

The roughly 12 blocks of 8th Street NW between Piney Branch Road and Missouri Avenue NW;

The roughly 8 blocks of Newton Street NE between 12th Street and South Dakota Avenue NE;

The roughly 9 blocks of 12th Street NE between K and East Capitol Streets NE;

The roughly 3 blocks of Grant Street NE between 46th Street and Minnesota Avenue NE;

The roughly 2 blocks of 15th Street SE between Mississippi Avenue and Savanah Street SE, and the roughly 5 blocks of 15th Place SE between Alabama Avenue and Bruce Place SE.

These streets will have a speed limit of 15 miles per hour, and drivers are meant to only use the designated streets if their destination is within two blocks. Additional Slow Streets are expected to be designated over the next 12 weeks.


(Published in Urban Turf)