For many of us, IKEA most likely is the first step into adulthood, offering simplistic home furnishings for an affordable price. But the brand is now deciding to open new doors and join the collaboration “trend”. The announcement came at the Democratic Design Days event at its headquarters in Älmhult, Sweden, where the brand unveiled a number of their latest collaborative partners. A headliner of the group is the German sportswear brand adidas, which IKEA says they’ll be working with to explore how sport and wellness can be more naturally integrated into life at home.

IKEA is curious to understand what people want and need when it comes to exercising, sleeping and eating at home. IKEA and adidas will collaborate to explore the connections between living spaces and sport, and how both can adapt to help create healthy habits.

According to Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA of Sweden, research shows that home is where we create life-long habits. IKEA want to explore how homes can better enable active lifestyles, working in collaboration with adidas, the Creator sports brand. The partnership will bring together designers from both companies to exchange knowledge, insights and ideas to imagine ways to make working out at home easier.

“Teaming up with Adidas, we want to understand what wellness means to different people, and what role their living spaces play in this. By doing so, we can create homes that are better designed to enable better habits and more active living.” If this means creating an Adidas-heavy smart gym inside of a home, you can bet we’re here for it, according to Engman. The two companies will spend time learning about habits of people across ages and countries to get a solid read on what would streamline their approach to a healthy home.

In the first stage of the collaboration IKEA and adidas will spend time in the homes of people in different countries and life stages, with a particular focus on young women in order to learn more about how people live. At the event, IKEA did reveal it will work with the Three Stripes on a collection of home sports equipment “for women, by women.”

“Our goal is to make sport accessible to everyone. Working with IKEA, we’ll look at why some people are more active than others, especially young women, and explore what role the home can play in removing barriers to fitness”, says Josefine Aberg, VP of Design at adidas.

No actual product of the collaboration has been revealed yet. Adidas is the latest brand to work with IKEA. Be on the look out for the latest highly anticipated collaboration coming from IKEA and Virgil Abloh – Creative Director of Louis Vuitton and C.E.O. of Milan based fashion retailer Off_White.

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design