JETMA (Arlington, VA ) The long stalled Carr Properties approved development to build a LEED Gold 12-story office tower on 25,000 square feet of land on the site that used to house the old Wendy’s and Wells Fargo Bank could actually be starting. The fences are up with banner of the project. The project starting and being completed will help to spruce up the intersection that has been idle for more a few years now. Carr, brought down the bank and Wendy’s and it just been dirty and empty since. What gives Carr? The project looks beautiful. Get it built please.

Per the developer and the WBJ, the new building would include 6,837 square feet of ground-floor retail, 185,003 square feet of office space, 237 underground parking spaces, a public plaza and a “unique glass column that will serve as an iconic architectural feature in Courthouse.” The Rosslyn to Courthouse Urban Design Study recommends “signature gateway architecture with special treatment on the roof, building shape and materials” and a “pedestrian plaza at the western end to enhance gateway experience” for this site.

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