Luxury units and craft distilleries have marked Ivy City’s resurgence, but the Crummell School site, vacant since the early 1980s, remains a vestige of a forlorn period in the Northeast neighborhood’s history.

The District plans to sell the land surrounding the Crummell School building, a total of 101,000 square feet, for a mixed-use project with plans for developers to renovate the Ward 5 school building as a community center. Residents told the DC Council this week that they want to go further and preserve the campus surrounding the school, named after Alexander Crummell, a 19th-century abolitionist and priest.

Anxiety over gentrification brought dozens of activists and neighbors to a DC Council hearing Wednesday. Some denounced the deal as a “giveaway” of public land to build 320 units of housing in the form of town houses and apartments, alongside new retail.

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