Exclusive to John Eric | Trevor Moore & Associates (JETMA) clients, we are offering the Compass Concierge program which helps you sell your home faster and for more money by covering the cost of services to prepare your home for market.

From staging to home improvements and more, the program has no hidden fees and you will not be charged interest. Ever.

The Compass Concierge program is among a suite of services designed to prepare your home for the market. Whether it’s roofing repairs, painting, moving and storage costs, or additional needs, we will work with you to assess every opportunity to elevate your home’s value and improve your selling experience.

After determining the necessary improvements, we will cover all upfront costs and then collect payment for the services rendered at the time of the property’s closing. By investing in your home’s potential, we aim to provide a swifter, more profitable sale.

Curious how Compass Concierge can transform your sale? Call us to schedule a complimentary overview of the Compass Concierge Program.