This might offend some. If it does, so be it. It’s time for uncomfortable conversations and the acceptance of facts and the truth.

Social Justice is on everyone’s mind right now. The murder of George Floyd and countless other black Americans at the hands of police is unacceptable and intolerable and must stop. If you’re truly being honest, you can’t say our justice system is or has ever been fair to black Americans. Our history is stained with the sweat and blood of black Americans that we gloss over because we like to think we have made progress.

What happened to George Floyd is murder, plain and simple. There is no debate. A white cop, Derek Chauvin, had a police file full of complaints and should never have been allowed to continue to be a cop.  He is guilty in the murder of George Floyd along with the three other complicit officers who did absolutely nothing to stop him. Their arrogance and total disrespect for black human life  (this would not have happened to a white man) isn’t a one off; it’s how many of those who wear a badge deal with and treat black Americans they are entrusted to protect and serve. We have no choice any longer; our justice system needs to be dismantled and overhauled. It doesn’t work and never will.

Some might think we are veering into politics. We are not. Political affiliation is irrelevant; we all know right from wrong.

There is a famous quote by Albert Einstein, “If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.” In 2020, we in white American must accept and acknowledge the truth behind these killings, an unmistakable truth that says you can and may be killed while being black. We must acknowledge that some white people, day in and day out, weaponize our justice system to attack and hold down black Americans. We need not look any further than the vile disgusting display recently by Amy Cooper who falsely accused a black man of threatening her in NYC’s Central Park. She lied and felt entitled to lie to the police to get her way.

These occurrences happen day in and day out all throughout America. Silence isn’t an option. Being an ally but refusing to speak up and speak out does nothing for anyone. Join us in speaking out loudly to defeat racism, bigotry, hatred and police abuse.