It looks like Amazon now has to contend with a new wrinkle in the smart device market. Tech brand Lenovo has sneaked up on them and introduced its own smart home assistant with visual appeal.

Lenovo is calling it the Smart Display Device, and it is exactly that—a smart speaker device with the addition of a screen. Since Google has yet to introduce its own smart home product with a screen, Amazon has monopolized the market with its Amazon Echo Show.

But the new Lenovo device is coming out swinging, and in tandem with Amazon’s competitor. It’s the first home tech item to pair a screen with Google Assistant. In addition to viewing the weather forecast, users can enjoy photos, video, Google Duo video calling, Google Maps, and Youtube in full HD resolution.

The Lenovo Smart Display will be available as an 8-inch model for $199.99, and as a 10-inch model for $249.99. Both boast features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and compatibility with Google’s Nest devices. And, with the 10-watt integrated speaker, users can also expect excellent sound reproduction.