This fly-through video created for the NLA’s annual London Tall Buildings Survey shows how over 500 towers currently proposed for London will affect the capital’s skyline.

The digital model of London was created by VU.CITY for New London Architecture (NLA) as part of its fifth annual London Tall Buildings Survey, which was published today.

The results of the 2017 survey show that there are 510 buildings of over 20 storeys planned for the capital – up from 455 when the survey was carried out in 2016.

Over 500 tall buildings forecast for London

Of these, a record number of 115 projects are currently under construction, compared to the 91 under construction at the time of the last survey.

But there was a notable slow down in both the number of tall buildings completed in 2017 – down to 18 from 26 in 2016 – and the number of planning applications that fell by 10 per cent.

This anomaly is attributed by the report to the clearance of planning for a bumper crop of 40 tall buildings as part of the redevelopment of the Greenwich Peninsula in previous years.