As one of three jurisdictions in the immediate metropolitan area that made the shortlist for Amazon’s second headquarters, Montgomery County has been a case study for aggressively courting the company. That continued on Tuesday evening as the County Council held a public hearing on two proposed zoning text amendments (ZTAs 18-05 and 18-02) that would expedite the planning approval process for the company should it choose the county for a second headquarters location.

One amendment would allow for taller buildings in certain areas and would shorten the development review period for “signature business headquarters”; the other would establish “signature business headquarters” as a new use in Commercial Residential zones.

The hearing was surprisingly brief considering that so many have strong opinions about whether and where Amazon would be a good fit — and about how much cities should offer the behemoth business.

Eleven residents offered testimony at the hearing, seven of whom were in favor of the text amendments. Two of those in favor live near White Flint Mall, a site that has seen redevelopment stall over the years and which many have speculated would be the county’s preferred location for the Amazon campus.

(Urban Turf)