The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and Arlington County completed the development and analysis of alternative site locations for the new east entrance for the Crystal City Metrorail station. WMATA, the County, and the adjacent private landowner agreed on the specific location to build the east entrance — the northwest corner of Crystal Drive and 18th Street South.

The project is now in the concept design phase. WMATA is finalizing the concept design plan for the east entrance in coordination with the County and private landowner. The three parties will coordinate the next steps, which will include an implementation plan, preliminary engineering, and final design.

The Crystal City Metrorail Station is one of the more highly used stations in Arlington County. The existing entrance is reaching capacity during peak periods and has limited emergency egress. The existing street-level elevator access is slow, inconveniently located and lacks redundancy.

The access improvement plan for the Crystal City Metrorail station includes a new entrance near Crystal Drive, at the east end of the station, to provide easier access from Crystal Drive, the VRE station and the new Transitway station at Crystal Drive and 18th Street South. In addition, the access improvement plan includes elevator upgrades to improve compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provide more conveniently located elevator access.

WMATA will own and operate the new east entrance as part of the Metrorail system.