Fjordenhus (Fjord House) is the first building designed entirely by Olafur Eliasson and the architectural team at Studio Olafur Eliasson. Located in Vejle, Denmark, Fjord House is set to open on June 9th. The structure rises out of Vejle Fjord and can be accessed through Havneøen (The Harbour Island).

The building was commissioned by KIRK KAPITAL as the company’s new headquarters and includes site-specific artworks by Eliasson with tailored furniture and lighting. The building’s public, double-height entrance level draws attention to the plane where the structure meets the water, while framing its views with curved edges.

Formed by four intersecting cylinders, Fjordenhus reaches a height of 92 feet. Rounded negative volumes have been carved from its facades of custom-glazed brick to create an architectural statement of complex curved, circular, and elliptical forms, and parabolic arches.