Tennis legend John McEnroe had a considerable reputation in the 1980’s, as a player and as a celebrity-sports personality. Want to see Skinneresque radical behavioral reinforcement in action? Utter the name ‘McEnroe’ to a seasoned linesman who tended a Grand Slam court around 1982, however briefly.

But, if you’ve got $140K to spend each month for a place to hang your hat, and you’re in SoCal, you may want to check out Mr. McEnroe’s Malibu waterfront residence. It’s private, it’s flashy as all get-out, and it’s situated in the Colony, with a terrific view of the mile.

McEnroe has offered the house for rent at least since last year, when he marketed it at $125K for the high season. The price has gone up a bit, but it drops considerably if you prefer the off-season in Malibu, and have $60K to spend.

The heavily modified New England cottage-style extends to about 3,700 square feet, with five bedrooms and seven baths throughout. A recent remodel has modernized the 1930’s design, bringing new hardwood floors and luxury finishes and materials into the picture.

The three floor house now features a top level entirely dedicated to a self-contained suite, complete with kitchenette. A master suite and guest rooms occupy the second floor, with the first floor opening broadly only 47 feet of beachfront.

The secluded location features a wealth of outdoor living space, as well as a small attached studio or guest/staff room.

Last summer, the tennis ace and his wife—new wave rocker Patty Smyth—sold an estate in the Hamptons for $11.3 million. The couple had owned the property for about twenty years.