The U.S. Botanic Garden might not be the first place you think of visiting in Washington, D.C., but maybe it should be! The garden’s annual orchid exhibit, on display through April 8, is part flower show, part scavenger hunt and part hands-on craft challenge.

Orchids (pronounced OR-kids) are found on every continent except Antarctica and are one of the two largest plant families, along with daisies.

The exhibit showcases thousands of colorful blooms, including some rarely seen orchids. As you poke around, follow a map and complete a seven-question quiz to earn an orchid stamp. And pick up a free “orchid-gami” kit at the front desk and make your own paper flower at home.

There are about 30,000 known orchid speciesand three times as many hybrids (what you get when you crossbreed different plants). New species and hybrids appear almost daily.