Did you know that we are now deep into Spring 2019 Fashion Week in Paris? What a weekend it was with many of the newest interpretations of fashion heritage as well as cutting edge new looks. I have already been completely blown away from the likes of Celine, Loewe, and Valentino (btw-Valentino was the first Italian Couturier to show in Paris). All of these shows are on the heels of London, New York and Milan Fashion Week. There are so many new trends that you should anticipate. Look for ruffles and sizeable proportions, crochet, aspen gold, khaki is the new black, highlighter color blocking and tons of 80’s inspiration.

Interior design and fashion have always been intimately connected to each other. Previously, furniture wouldn’t appear until five or six years after it appeared on the runway. This decreased as people started to realize the potential for fashion inspiring interior design. A few years ago, it reached a point where it was a mere two seasons away.

Today, we’ve reached a point where there is no gap. Both industries work together to inspire each other. And this is something that will continue to happen from now on. We’re increasingly seeing interior design trends cropping up on the major catwalks of the industry. This wasn’t always the case before.

Social media has increased the speed at which information travels. You no longer have to wait for the next issue of a magazine to come out. Almost as soon as a collection hits the runway, reporters, photographers and bloggers are sharing these events with their readers and viewers. These images are quickly posted on blogs, websites and across our television screens to the consumer. So, where fashion was once a true driver of the world of interiors, the two are now working together.

Interior design is almost as big as the clothing industry. There are countless magazines, blogs, and shows all displaying the latest trends. If you’re an aspiring fashion designer, or you simply want a new wardrobe, interior design can help you. Inspiration doesn’t always have to mean copying. Sometimes, fashion magazines don’t offer anything new. You need to look elsewhere for inspiration.

Believe it or not, patterns for dresses tend to appear in our homes before they appear on the catwalk. Think of the popular floral pattern that’s ‘in’ today. This isn’t anything new or innovative. Floral designs have been used since the early 20th century. In those days, having these patterns on clothing would have been unthinkable.

Fashion designers have been inspired by different patterns found in carpets and on walls over the years. It starts with a flat surface, such as a wall, and then designers work with it to turn it into a three-dimensional moving garment.

An essential part of interior design is how patterns and colors work together. This is also a consideration for those in the fashion world. One way fashion designers can become inspired is by looking at nature. This is due to the vast color combinations and the use of light and shading. The interior design also has the same capacity to inspire. Carpets must fit in with walls and shelves. Cupboards must work with sofas and TV stands.

Just as your wardrobe changes with the seasons and trends from the runway, your interiors can do the same. Whether it’s adding a hot, new print to your couch with some throw pillows, or acquiring a chair in an of-the-moment color, you can find some of the best décor inspiration straight from the runways. As fashion designers max out boho looks with unexpected mixes of materials and prints in complementary tones, get gutsy with your combinations at home. As we continue to see a ton of gold and brass in fashion and interior design, and they’re still a great way to elevate any look, both in your wardrobe and at home. Mirrored shine, lame, and silver details sparkled down the runway too this season. Go bold with this concept in your home with, what else—mirrors. Lastly, the classic silhouette of a classic trench from Burberry–was made modern on the runway with an unexpected, but practical fabrication accented with pops of color and chain. Give traditional elements to your home such as a burlwood Parsons desk, a tufted sofa, and a turned leg ottoman and add an unexpected pop with Lucite chairs. Remember, life is your runway. Make it your own utilizing the inspiration around you.

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design