This weekend Stable will become the latest place to pick up a fresh loaf of bread in D.C. Early risers on Saturdays and Sundays can swing by the Swiss spot (1324 H St. NE) from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. to buy house-baked yeasty treats like the restaurant’s crusty Wurzel bread ($8), a soft, braided breakfast loaf known as Zopf ($9), and conjoined rolls known as St. Galler Buerli ($4).

“Since we opened we haven’t bought a single piece of bread,” says Stable Executive Chef David Fritsche. “Back home in Switzerland, bread is a big part of the diet. It needs to be done right so the only way to do it is in house.” He continues, “If you go to a restaurant or an establishment and the bread is good, that’s already half of the battle won.”

Customers began asking if they could buy loaves to take home, giving Fritsche and his partner Silvan Kraemer the idea to open a weekend bread market. They’re still limited by capacity, which is why you can’t purchase bread all the time. “We’re baking bread every single day to the max,” Fritsche says.