AU Park | Tenleytown

About American University Park

The center of AU Park is completely free of commerce. It consists simply of street after street of well-manicured lawns and cute homes that are linked by back alleys. One thing that distinguishes the neighborhood from nearby areas is the small size of its lots, few of which come with driveways. As a result, the homes are closer to each other, which creates a sense of coziness and safety.

The community vibe is one of youth due to the many young families in the area. Residents love the area’s public schools—Janney Elementary, Deal Middle and Wilson High, all of which have just undergone major renovations—as well as large green spaces like Turtle Park. DC’s intelligentsia (lawyers, professors, think tank analysts, World Bank employees, journalists and federal workers) are well represented in AU Park. The result is a super-educated, super-engaged population that keeps up with local, and even hyper-local, politics.

While near American University, few of the college’s buildings are actually sited in AU Park. Located just west of Tenleytown, the neighborhood is bounded by Massachusetts Avenue to the southwest, Nebraska Avenue to the southeast, Wisconsin Avenue to the northeast, and Western Avenue to the northwest.

About Tenleytown

Tenleytown is a sweet community with cute detached homes and small-town retail dotting a major avenue. The neighborhood has a few small-but-charming Victorians. There are also duplexes, row houses, a number of bungalows and colonials. The area has a few condo developments, most notably Cityline at Tenley, which sits atop the Metro station on Wisconsin Avenue, and Tenley Hill, a few blocks farther north. Rentals are available, but not as plentiful as other parts of the city.

Near the Metro are several busy stores, including Whole Foods, Best Buy, Starbucks, and Guapo’s, a Mexican restaurant that has been a mainstay in Tenleytown for over 20 years. There are Japanese, French and Thai restaurants, a cigar shop and several dry cleaners. This is a neighborhood where locals have their favorite go-to spot.

Tenleytown lies on and east of upper Wisconsin Avenue. Its borders are Upton Street to the south, Wisconsin Avenue to the west, Garrison Street to the north, and Reno Road to the east.