About Vienna

The small town, local feel of Vienna makes this community a highly sought-after place to live. Events such as the 4th of July celebration, draw residents from throughout the area who are quick to catch-up on a neighbor’s news.

While Vienna can be an expensive community to buy a home, it does not lack for a diverse selection of architecture. A mashup of architectural styles is found here to suit everyone’s tastes. Nearly all are single-family homes, with scatterings of townhouse and condominium availabilities. But, choice is not lacking.

Vienna comes fully equipped. A community center, swim clubs, a library, the town green and baseball teams to begin. Layer in bakeries, ice cream shops, cafes and pizza places for an appetizing appeal. Add boutique shops, toy stores, bike shops to the mix. Throw in several supermarkets, drug stores, restaurants and stores (both local and chain) and you have a lovely and convenient place to live.