A recent ApartmentList report illustrates how renting has evolved nationwide through the decades. Today, UrbanTurf takes a look at that evolution from the perspective of the DC area.

As prevalent as the conversation around renting has been in recent years, the DC area has a smaller proportion of renter households than it has had in the past. Around the 1930s and 1940s, upwards of 60 percent of DC-area residents were renters. That number has now dropped below 40 percent.

The numbers in the report are a bit skewed to some extent because of how the metropolitan area’s boundaries have broadened over time. Up to 1960, this region was identified as including the District; Montgomery and Prince George’s counties in Maryland; and Alexandria, Falls Church, Arlington and Fairfax in Virginia. Since that time, 1-2 additional jurisdictions were added each decade until 2000, when the list began to expand to eventually include places as far away as Jefferson County, West Virginia.