Pop and hip-hop chanteuse Rihanna recently put one of her investment properties on the rental market. Rihanna—who has been busy of late with the skyrocketing sales of her line of cosmetics and related products—is a landlord in the making, looking for a tenant who wouldn’t mind parting with $16.5K a month for a dramatically renovated 1926 Spanish eclectic in West Hollywood.

Rihanna purchased the home in August of last year, for $2.75 million, and listed it for sale again in November with an asking price of $2.85 million. Rihanna also purchased a super-contemporary, 7,100 square-foot dream house this past August, which may be the reason why she changed her mind and offered the smaller home for sale. And barring a sale, why it is now offered for rent.

The most striking thing about the house is the broad range of style and period represented by exterior front and interior. From outside, the house is still mainly a classic Southern California Spanish charmer from the heyday of the eclectic craze—tiled roof, stucco, tiled walk, a wrought-iron balcony streetside—with new windows and a new front door suggesting the up-to-date goings-on within.

Inside, though, the house is now a modern Spanish-style, open-concept, modern lighting and smart features, a modern kitchen. The modern look extends to the back of the home, where an industrial-inspired second-floor balustrade adds a touch of the contemporary. The four-bed, four-bath residence measures 2,650 square feet.

Rihanna seems to be juggling dual roles as seminal performer of our time and savvy businesswoman with her typically effortless sense of poise. Her cosmetic line—for those who didn’t know—is called Fenty Beauty.