D.C. commuters are used to sharing cars and bikes. The next big thing: sharing scooters.

Waybots, a California-based startup, is rolling out an electric scooter-sharing service in D.C., and a second company will soon follow suit. The arrival marks one more step in the ever expanding market for transportation-sharing services in D.C., which run the gamut from car2go to Capital Bikeshare to five dockless bikeshare companies, which are wrapping up a six-month pilot program in the city.

Scooter sharing is basically what it sounds like. You use a phone-based app to find one of Waybots’s yellow electric scooters, pay a fee — $1 to start, and 15 cents per minute thereafter — and use the scooter to get around. Once you get to your destination, you just leave the scooter for someone else to use.