Sony Mobile‘s Xperia Ear Duo earphones have finally been unveiled.

The new ‘phones hit the market a year after Sony introducing the prototype. The company officially debuted its new creation at Mobile World Congress 2018.

The earphones boast a number of advanced technological features in addition to providing excellent music playback. The special wireless stereo headset allows users to receive phone notifications but, more importantly, it lets listeners remain audibly connected to the world around them.

Sony calls the dual-source design a Spatial Acoustic Conductor, and the principle of the design is to allow the sound generated by the unit to blend with ambient sound. Sony also includes special sensors to recognize head gestures or to identify when a user arrives at work, so nodding to answer calls or skip tracks are a go with the Xperia Ear Duo, and the unit recognizes voice commands as well.

The $280 Sony Xperia Ear Duo will hit stores in May, and will be available in black and gold finishes.