Are you finding that you just can’t make things squeeze into place? Perhaps your previously organized spaces are overflowing and crazy? You should consider these stylish options to add a little zing to your home and efficiency to your home.

• If your living-room coffee table has become the center of bill paying, homework, and the occasional meal — you might want to consider a sofa table that adapts with action. Select a multi-functional table that has two adjustable wood panels that lift with storage inside. They act as trays when up (for laptops or plates of food) and conceal storage when down (perfect for a vast collection of remotes or magazines). This table can even serve as a party station, enticing guests to circulate away from the buffet or a space to relax in the evening.

• If your pots and utensils are cluttering your cabinets invest in a beautiful pot rack. Choose a style that can be mounted to a wall or the ceiling. There are even styles that now have lighting attached and can be utilized above a busy kitchen island. If you are on a budget, pick up some S-hooks from the hardware store. Mount a copper bar to the wall and allow it to accommodate pans or small pots. Be sure to leave at least two feet between the bar and the counter so there’s room for the pots to hang. For an elegant and shabby chic look, suspend a beautiful piece of found driftwood from the ceiling with rope and utilize it as an overhead rack.

• Bulky cable boxes and tangles of cords have nearly driven all of us bonkers. Target has now introduced a genius console/entertainment center that has got your ugly tech stuff covered. This unique console has strategically sized and spaced holes in the front covered panels to allow your remote’s gamma rays, etc. to penetrate. Inside, your cable box, Blu-ray player, and movie-streaming device can be hidden, with cords neatly threaded through pre-cut holes in back.

• A rolling cart utilizes vertical space perfectly and is small enough to work in super tight quarters. For the bathroom, fill one with towels, shower essentials, and toiletries. Looking for more roll-a-way storage ideas? For BBQ use, keep a cart stocked with outdoor-entertaining staples and wheel it onto the patio for a pop-up party. In the garage, fill one with maintenance supplies (motor oil, wiper fluid, car-wash cloths). Use another as an easy-to-stash crafting station.

• The best thing to happen to workstations since the laptop is the hide away home office. This concept provides an impressive setup for a small desk that folds right up internally into the unit-similar to a murphy bed.

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design