I decided to utilize a DIY technique this week that I have not utilized in years. We moved into our new cottage not too far from the beach in Poipu and I was looking to add a little cabana inspiration to a boring and flat TV wall. Knowing that I did not want to emphasize what I think is a big black ugly box, I opted not to add art or décor near our 55inch technology. My options were simple. I either needed to paint a solid accent wall (which I was not a fan as I did not want the room to feel closed in) or I could cabana stripes. Feeling a little reluctant, I proceeded in the process – similar to what I would have done in 1998. Well, twenty years later – PRESTO!

Materials Needed:

painter’s tape

self-priming wall paint

paint brush

large foam roller

small foam roller

tape measure

laser level/level



Clean walls and tape off the trim, baseboards and ceiling.

1. Apply the base coat. Start by cutting in the perimeter of the room with a brush and then roll out the rest. Allow the base coat to dry.

2. Determine the desired type of stripes. Horizontal stripes make a room feel wider; vertical stripes make a room feel taller. Also, decide the width of the stripes, keeping them four to 12 inches apart.

3. Use a pencil to mark dots on the walls where you want the edge of the stripes. Using a laser level will ensure your lines are straight. Make multiple dots for each edge.

4. Align the edge of painter’s tape with the pencil marks to create the borders of your stripes. Be sure to press the edges of the tape down firmly so paint won’t bleed under.

5. Use a roller to fill in the stripe with your chosen paint color.

6. To add a racing stripe effect, after your main stripe has dried, repeat the measuring, marking and taping process within the stripe. Use a small foam roller to fill in between the tape with a third wall color.

7. Allow the paint to dry for an hour, remove the tape and do touch-ups as needed.

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design