Drone photography continues to boom in spite of many restrictions on where they can be flown, particularly by professional photographers, whose flying is often classified as commercial use. A 2016 study by Allied Market Research predicted that the aerial photography industry would grow nearly 13% over the course of the next six years, to be worth $2.8bn (£2bn) globally.

Its popularity even amateurs is evident on Instagram, where dedicated accounts collate the best shots. @DroneoftheDay has close to a quarter of a million followers and @FromWhereIDrone has 153,000. At time of writing, nearly 6m images had been tagged #drone – and nearly 2m as #drones.

James Langston, who posts on Instagram as @jim.langston and who shot some of the images below, started drone photography in January 2017. One year on he shoots with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, a £1,500 professional-quality video and still aerial camera with 20 megapixels, a maximum flight time of 30 minutes, and a control range of four miles.

(The Guardian)