Dressing in layers is what gets us through transitional seasons when it’s sunny and warm one day and gray and cold the next. Believe it or not, the layered look can add a significant amount of impact to your home as well. All the decorative elements in your home provide visual interest, texture, depth, and a sense of abundance. Whether layers increase your physical comfort, please the eye, or camouflage portions of a room that you don’t love, there are so many reasons to go multi-dimensional.

We mostly think of layering (clothes and housewares) in the winter. Something about winter makes us want to gather more around us, whereas summer makes us want to clear it all away. As fall quickly approaches and we are all re-evaluating our living spaces, here are a few ideas I kept in the back of my mind as I began pulling together ideas for the chilly breezy months ahead:

• Layering mirrors can provide an almost prismatic effect, reflecting light from multiple surfaces.

• Layering artwork can create a lot of texture, especially when using contrasting frames. Like layered clothing, artwork is versatile allowing you rotate what’s in front, middle and back.

• Layered bedding can be so inviting and add extra texture. The addition of throws, pillows and fluffy down not only add texture but depth to the space.

• White on white dish layering really accentuates the textures of the different plates as well as plays on the reflective qualities of the china.

• Layered rugs on top one another can add visual warmth as well as texture. They are also great at defining a space.

• Layered throws and pillows add a sense of warmth and texture to an otherwise flat and cold space.

• Layering in potted plants or an indoor tree can provide color to a space but the texture and plant itself will awaken the senses!

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design