Chairs are getting quite a bit of attention, and one style that’s increasingly popular for its versatility is the swivel chair. Not only are they comfortable, but in big open floor plans where kitchen, dining and living areas all occupy one big room, swivel chairs allow you and your guests to pivot to different activities and conversations.

I have been seeing the swivel chair trend everywhere this season. These amazingly versatile seats are actually amazing for rearranging on a whim, lounging in over the weekend and, most importantly, entertaining. After all, who has time to adjust all of the seating for company when the chairs can do all of the work with one quick spin?

Unrivaled in movement, function, and flexibility, swivel chairs have been an industry standard for many years. Now, designer-favorite swivels are available in an array of irresistible styles. Why have these seats become so popular? Upholstered swivel chairs enhance the modern home with adaptability and seamless motion, while simultaneously solving a plethora of design challenges. Small space? Consider a swivel chair. Open floor plan? Consider a swivel chair. Multiple focal points? You guessed it—consider a swivel!

Whether you are incorporating vintage swivel chairs into your decor for function or style, there is something inherently fun about being able to take a spin in a comfortable seat. While we tend to associate swivel chairs with salons or office spaces, they are making a comeback in a big way to modern styling. Vintage swivel chairs are getting new fabrics and elegant lines so they can highlight your decor beautifully while hiding the mechanisms that allow them to swivel.

Swivel chairs offer versatility; they work in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and even outdoors. If you’re thinking of outdated wooden desk chairs, think again. In a variety of materials, like fabric, leather, and rattan, swivel chairs fit any aesthetic, from traditional to modern to eclectic.

Swivel chairs also add coziness in large rooms or outdoor spaces. Group a few on the patio to create a chat area in the sun or place a pair in front of a fireplace to create conversation areas. This will help anchor your spaces and create structure in spots that could otherwise feel bare and uninviting. I really embrace the ability of movement that swivel chairs offer. You can turn towards the person with whom you’re speaking, or you can angle to better catch the light if you’re curled up with a magazine. I love placing a cozy swivel chair in the corner of a bedroom to create a little reading nook. These chairs offer a sleek, low profile, and gently hug your body whether you’re curling up with a book or socializing with loved ones.

The truth is, there’s no right answer when it comes to swivel chair placement; simply look for a piece that fits your scale and style. Then, get creative—unexpected areas can often benefit the most from flexible seating.

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design