My husband and I recently had the pleasure of meeting and using the real-estate services of John Eric. Our experience with him left us in no doubt that he is one of the finest in his field. He is flawlessly organized and has a high professional ethic as well as being a delightful person to work with. Under his exceptional guidance we were relieved the pains one usually experiences when selling their home.

John went all out to promote the sale of our home no detail escaped his attention. He was on top of what the housing market was doing in our area, and made prudent recommendations on how to price our property. John also put together a detailed marketing plan and timeline for the advertising and promotion of our home. He created an excellent web site and a color brochure that highlighted all the best selling points of our home.
Above and beyond John offered the services of his decorator, for the perfect showing, and also the services his cleaning crew, who took care of those areas that are sometimes overlooked. He then introduced us to his top quality service people, who like John, had first-rate work ethics. These associates took care of all our flooring, painting, heating/cooling and moving needs with great care. Thankfully, if my husband and I were unavailable, John or a team member would kindly meet with the service people in our behalf. In addition, when I mentioned that I had several pieces of furniture and art that I needed to sell he made up a colored sales brochure and presented it to each person who visited our home. Wow if that is not over-the-top, I don’t know what is!

John Eric and his team worked tirelessly together, having an open house every weekend until we had a ratified contract. However busy John was, he always was prompt in returning our calls. The entire time John kept us abreast to all the potential buyers that visited our home, along with their helpful comments by way of a feedback system that John devised. This feedback was invaluable in not only obtaining comments, but the level interest of potential buyers and their agents as well.

Our experience with John and his team was excellent beyond comparison. He gave us superior service that blew our minds with optimal results. With John’s accomplished guidance we sold our house in 14 days in a downward market. Not only did we get the price we wanted but we sold our house well before the competition down the street. So, without reservation we give our full-hearted recommendation of John Eric’s top-notch services to all our friends and neighbors who are thinking of selling their home.