Now that the dust has settled on the sale of our Highgate property, Joan and I want to again record our appreciation and thanks to you for your work on our behalf over the past weeks. We have sold houses before, but we never have had the level of service, advice, and effort that you provided. Your marketing slogan “we sell more because we do more” was certainly true in our case. In addition to the obvious factors that come into play for marketing and sale of a house, there were some things that are not always obvious, and I’d like to remark on some of those.

First, you and your team were always extremely courteous and professional in dealing with us and with clients, and we appreciated that very much. There were many open houses, and these were cheerfully managed. The rules of engagement for us during these periods were always clear. There were times when we were frustrated with things such as the home inspection and its aftermath, but you always maintained your cool and kept things in perspective, even if we did not on occasion. You were very patient with us, and answered many questions that you probably thought did not need to be asked.

Second, you were very firm and instructive on the steps that needed to be taken in marketing the property. Joan and I decided early on that you and your colleagues were the experts, and we would follow your advice and, basically, obey you when you requested that we do certain things, such as rearranging furniture, de-cluttering the rooms, etc. Because you seemed very sure of the best actions to take, we had confidence that you were correct and so were not tempted to second-guess your advice. Had you been less firm, it is likely we’d have ended up compromising and confusing the marketing strategy, with possibly less favourable results, in the end.

Finally, we both think that you really did go beyond the call of duty during the last few weeks when several repairs and modifications had to be made to satisfy the sale contract. I am sure you spent many hours doing things that other agents would simply have insisted were our responsibility. As we were engaged in our move to Canada during that time, we greatly and especially appreciated that effort.
We enjoyed working with you, John, and I hope you continue to have success in your business, and that other clients will appreciate your efforts as much as we did.